Twarak Infotech Private Limited decides Prices and Charges are generally agreed upon on a customer-by-customer basis. Additional charges may be assessed to cover damages resulted from improper use of Services.

At Twarak Infotech Private Limited, we deliver consumer satisfaction, and to build this relationship more strapping we have created a payment policy under which all projects at Twarak Infotech Private Limited. require a 30% deposit prior to project initiation, a 40% payment upon first approval, and the remaining 30% due upon project completion. Until the work is paid in full, Twarak Infotech Private Limited will keep hold of all rights to both digital and non-digital material created for the project. Full payment is due upon completion and can be made by major credit card, PayPal, cheque, E-transfer or cash in person. All prices will be given in USD. The consumer is liable for any outstanding balance and Twarak Infotech Private Limitedreserves the right to pursue legal action if payment is not received within a reasonable amount of time.

Payment invoices are generated and sent to the customer within 30 days or a reasonable period of time after payment.

In case of Non-Payment, Twarak Infotech Private Limited reserves the right to cancel or discontinue all services at any time WITHOUT NOTICE for nonpayment. If you fail to pay any charges or price for your work for 35 days after the date of the invoice, Twarak Infotech Private Limited may stop or discontinue your work WITHOUT NOTICE. Termination does not remove your responsibility to pay all fees incurred up to the date that Twarak Infotech Private Limited cancels or discontinues all services. If Twarak Infotech Private Limited incurs any fees or costs in collecting any past-due amounts, including costs of legal counsel or a collection bureau, those fees and costs will be added to the amount you owe.

Changes to this Payment policy

Twarak Infotech Private Limited has the discretion to update this Payment policy at any time. We encourage Users to frequently check Payment Policy for any changes and stay informed about any recent change in our payment policy. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to review this payment policy periodically and become aware of modifications.

Contact Us

feel free to contact us or mail us at [email protected], in case you have any questions or suggestions regarding our payment policy.