Social Media Marketing
Social medias are great platform to interact direct with potential customers, promotion of business products & services. As almost every Internet user spends time on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, and many more. Thus every business and website owner should take advantage of this medium to generate business attaining visitors for website. Because these social media channels have turned out as effective as search engines for traffic. Thus negligence of these can not be said in anyway.

Why SMO and SMM

  • Direct promotion, Business generation & interaction with customers.
  • Second most powerful source for fetching traffic.
  • Easiest way of online campaigning.
  • Almost every channel provide insight report for your efforts and presence on social media thus you can measure your position and know the impact of these channels on your business.

Why US

  • We offer wide range of SMO and SMM service and cover almost every platform like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube and many more.
  • Social medias are kind of platform where you have potential and interested users, you just need to convert them. But it is not easy, the marketer or communicator must be well known about the services which he is promoting. Therefore first we assess the service and then promote them, which gives us better results.
  • Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing is long way process. Just having business pages and groups in not enough for successful SMM & SMO campaign. It is continuous process, you require to remain on social media with a view to turn into big brand. Thus lo longterm relationship is required.
  • We promise for better social presence, increase in reputation, popularity and leads generation.

Our Service Include

  • Branding on all social media channels by the activity like creation of business pages, promotion of these pages.
  • Blog creation and promotion for business and service.
  • Monthly and weekly evolution report about work and success in case of SMM not SMO.

Using SEO, SMM and SEM simultaneously
It is advisable to use SEO, SMM and SEM simultaneously for the best and quick results with long term impact. As SEO makes you reputed on Search Engine, SMM popularize you among social media users and SEM is the best medium for instant results and increase in business. Although we are committed to give better advice to client from our end, but in the end, its client’s decision that what he wants to use for betters results. Thus, if you find us better option for all these services, we can make a special combo plan for you on affordable price with some extra features.

Contact US
Twarak infoteh offers customize service as per the requirement and budget of clients. If you find our services interesting, please feel free to contact us or email us at: [email protected] We can provide you what you want.